To build the most intelligent, productive, and sustainability-focused publishing and networking platform for businesses and academics.


To intelligently connect businesses and academic experts across the globe with the aim of creating sustainable and productive economies that work for people and the planet.


Our members drive our continuous development. Their needs guide us in creating tools that deliver impactful communication solutions for achieving high business performance and growth.

We are committed to science. Using the latest in communications, supply chain management, sustainability, and AI sciences, we generate productive and sustainable business networks.

Through our CSR initiative, we will support the academic-industry research community to deliver scalable circular economy solutions.


“Why is it so complicated to get and share the right information when growing a business?” The short answer is that technology has increased the speed of information distribution, but not the quality of the process. In this digital age of information overload, we are still struggling to acquire knowledge, filter news, and create connections that matter.

On one hand, traditional and digital channels do not cut through the noise. In fact, just ask yourself; “How many times this week have you encountered irrelevant and personal postings on your business feed?”

On the other hand complementary technologies only act as patch-solutions to this complex communications problem. Businesses have told us that “the exchange of information can move mountains” and communication-heavy activities such as strategy, intelligence, marketing, and sales critically rely on this.

Founded in London in 2020, we gathered a team of sector experts, technologists, and academics to create a practical yet revolutionary solution to bring order to the business communication chaos and deliver growth.

And this is how ARCUS NEWS was born.


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