121 Collective
Primary Business Domain
Construction & Design
HQ Location
Tolworth, Greater London, United Kingdom
Business Mode(s)
B2C, B2B
Business Specialisation(s)
Architectural design, architectural making, public realm, residential renovations, residential extensions, urban furniture, art installations
Profile Summary

We are an ambitious and diverse collective of architectural designers and makers with a special appreciation for craft, community, and sustainability. We strive for projects that empower our clients through the same design process from which we grew ourselves.

We design around people, and their access to nature, light and touch; we dream about healthy architecture and healthy design at all scales. To date this has included buildings that specialise in helping people recover from cancer, housing that improves the connection of a home’s kitchen with its garden, or simple urban interventions such as the beelines way that better connect a community with its neighbours and surrounding areas.

Whether it is about making prototypes of a design at its final size to test specific tectonic and aesthetic qualities, or whether it is about building an art installation, or repairing elements of an existing building. Our name derives from our interest in working within the 1:1 scale.