Primary Business Domain
Media & Communication
HQ Location
Kingston Upon Thames, Greater London, England
Business Mode(s)
B2B, B2B2C
Business Specialisation(s)
Supply chain, ESG, SaaS, Corporate communication, Academic knowledge transfer, B2B Communications, Machine Learning, Complex Networks, Media
Profile Summary

We are ARCUS NEWS, a business-focused news publishing platform, where businesses and academic experts are uniquely connected through our intelligent and sustainable network. With a focus on sales-funnel efficiency and leveraging in our noiseless intuitive design, we empower teams to collaboratively generate, manage, promote, and analyse the impact of their news as well as discover new opportunities and leads.

Our Mission!

To build the most intelligent, productive, and sustainability-focused publishing and networking platform for businesses and academics.

Our Vision!

To intelligently connect businesses and academic experts across the globe with the aim of creating sustainable and productive economies that work for people and the planet.