Astro Dynamic Ltd
Primary Business Domain
HQ Location
Swindon, Wiltshire, UK
Business Mode(s)
Business Specialisation(s)
space, big data, In-orbit service, AI, ML
Profile Summary

Astro Dynamic provides a hub for space data access and utilisation, connecting ground consumers with Data miners and analytic providers. We are challenging the current concepts that space data is hard to use, difficult to access and expensive to get. We are doing this by streamlining the supply pipeline, automating the data export and security requirements, and intelligently matching consumers with the data they require.

Our future planes involve a managed payload hosting strategy, building on the customer base of our marketplace to provide a truly community driven, enabling, and sustainable space ecosystem.

We are currently part of the UKSA Evolve accelerator and working with the applications catapult to bring our MVP to market. We are members of the Space safety Coalition (SSC) and Satellite Finance Network (SFN). Our team has members with almost 20 years in the IT and Quality business landscape, AI and machine learning, programming and aerospace with advisors that cover the marketing and scaling up of start-ups to IPO stage.