BlueKit Medical
Primary Business Domain
Health & Social Care
HQ Location
South Croydon, Surrey, UK
Business Mode(s)
Business Specialisation(s)
Sterile single-use surgical instruments, Sterile single use surgical procedure packs, Medical supplies, Customised surgical kits
Profile Summary

BlueKit Medical provides a comprehensive range of medical and surgical supplies, designed to support healthcare professionals and safely soften the patient's journey through surgery.

Our Mission

To listen to our customers to understand how best to meet their needs with dependable considered product solutions and services, easing the burden of the many critical factors in surgery.

Our Products

Specialising in Single-Use Procedure Packs and Instrument Trays, our products are assembled, sterilised and ready to go, avoiding waste, reducing time and handling, and guaranteeing sterility. We provide several medical consumables ranging from PPE to specialised aesthetics and surgery equipment.

Our Customers

With an offer that serves the NHS and private sector hospitals and clinics; BlueKit Medical now presents a one-stop solution for use in operating theatres, day units, dental and healthcare clinics, and outpatient departments.