Dr. Oluwatobi Kolawole
Primary Academic Domain
Build & Design
Associate Institution(s)
London South Bank University
Academic Specialisation(s)
Construction Management & IT, Sustainability
Profile Summary

With a Ph.D. that focuses on sustainability, construction & IT and five years of experience in project management and architecture, I bring a unique blend of expertise to corporate sustainability.

What sets me apart are my advanced analytical and project management skills, enabling me to both design and measure the impact and effectiveness of corporate sustainability efforts.

By providing data-driven insights, I empower organizations to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change. I possess a keen ability to identify key metrics, evaluate performance, and uncover areas for improvement, ensuring that sustainability initiatives yield tangible results.

My combination of academic rigor, practical experience in architecture and project management, and collaborative leadership makes me an invaluable asset in shaping a more sustainable and ethical future for businesses and society as a whole.

Some of my highlights:

Innovation in sustainability - I developed a novel model for improving ethics and sustainability in supply chains, utilising blockchain technology and the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

Leadership in sustainability – I led a collaboration involving 30 industry experts across different industries, from 7 countries resulting in a validated model for improving ethics and sustainability in supply chains in 2022