Oxford Space Systems
Primary Business Domain
Manufacturing & OEM
HQ Location
Harwell, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Business Mode(s)
Business Specialisation(s)
Antenna development, Spacecraft engineering, RF engineering, Space telecommunications, Advanced manufacturing, Satellite engineering
Profile Summary

Oxford Space Systems is aiming to become the global leader in deployable antennas for space, providing effective solutions to unlock the future of satellite services.

We use techniques inspired by origami and space-qualified stored energy materials to create deployable antennas that stow into a compact volume. Our antennas enable a wide range of space-based services for the Internet of Things and vessel tracking (AIS/VDES) using deployable helical and yagi structures, Synthetic Aperture Radar using 3m-5m deployed reflector surfaces and data relay using deployable high gain steerable antennas.

Oxford Space Systems is a 70 employees company based in Harwell Campus, UK.